Healthy Meal Idea!

 Need a healthy meal idea before baking with one of our best cheesecake recipes?

Our good friend Cassandra over at was kind enough to donate an article to help us all think a bit healthier for dinner before we indulge in our favorite cheesecake recipe! Beans:

The Magical Fruit

Written by: Casandra Gout of

Remember that song in grade school? Beans, Beans the Magical Fruit, the more you eat the more you… All jokes aside, Beans truly are one of nature’s great gifts to human kind. In every culture, some type of bean is typically one of the staple foods.

What is it that makes the bean so wonderful?

  • Variety: There are so many different types of beans from Black to Kidney, Garbanzo to Lima, White to Lentil and the list goes on and on.
  • Versatility: Almost any type of dish can be created out of beans, right down to dessert with a dish of Red Bean Ice Cream. Make soup, stir fry and chili for main dishes. Add veggies and serve up as a side. Throw into a salad to boost the heartiness of the meal. Make a dip to share at a party. Beans are especially useful when cooking for a vegetarian, as most recipes don’t need meat at all.
  • Nutrition: Low in fat, yet high protein and fiber, there isn’t another type of food that can boast so many healthful qualities. Beans also help keep you full between meals.
  • Durability: Dried and canned beans can be stored for years before they need to be used, so any season is a good season to start cooking. Get creative with some recipes, and see what you can come up with.

To get you started try this Broccoli & Bean Salad recipe and then finish with a delicious cheesecake recipe from here at OKC’s Best Cheesecake Recipes! Enjoy,


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