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  1. Lina

    Hello!As a kindred soul paonissate about all things baking and cooking, I love your blog. It’s like subscribing to a new magazine filled with great writing, colorful photos, and helpful advice. I do have one question/suggestion.Yesterday, I was searching through your recipes when I found one that also included a list of fellow bloggers you admire. I’ve gone back to find it and totally forget where it is. (I think it was hooked onto a blogging award announcement you received.) As a network of like-minded bloggers, it would be nice to easily access who our peers are tuning into. Maybe you would want to add a page or widget including fellow bloggers you follow? Then I could follow them too. ;-)My six-year-old and I are looking forward to making root beer cupcakes!In Spirit,Alex

  2. Julie

    Just in case anyone’s widnerong, this recipe really is VERRRRY good. I’ve made 2 pots of it since watching this video. Throw in some kidney? beans and crispy bacon, and when done throw on some shredded cheese and corn chips, best damn chili EVER.

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